Tuesday, September 18

Unofficial Horrors Day

Another slightly substitute-esque post today... you find The New Thing semi-anxiously awaiting some news on whether Electricity In Our Homes have pulled out of the support slot for Neils Children at their all-ages concert at the Roundhouse, Camden, in October. If they have, they've been replaced by Plastic Passion (who would be a good substitute, although both bands would be perfect...).

While we wait for an answer to this question, we bring you something a bit odd dreamt up by a couple of American Horrors fans: Unofficial Horrors Day.

Their cunningly-named fansite, The Horrors Fan, announces that October 2nd has been named as the day for this event, and that all Horrors fans are encouraged to 'spread the wonderful, gruesom, random, skinny, dark experience of being a Horror' by doing anything Horrors-related that you'd like. That's pretty vague, so TFH has kindly given us some ideas on how to 'celebrate': 'dressing up for the occasion, listening to Horrors music for hours on end, baking a black-iced cake, and forcing your guy friends to wear eyeliner'.

If you do all of that from day to day anyway, then you won't have to make much effort on October 2nd. If not, you don't actually have to make any effort either. But you might as well give it a go. They even have an animated banner. Now that's what I call dedication.

It's easy, it's cheap, go and do it.

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Ana Frightens said...

At least the website looks nice.

I also appreciate the subtle humour of this entry. I have The Who's "Substitute" stuck in my head now...