Wednesday, October 31

New Neils Children single//

Neils Children have announced the release of a new single. Although they've introduced both 'I'm Ill' and 'What Am I Supposed To Do?' as future singles in recent concerts, the new release is called 'Reflective/Surface' (with a b-side called 'Exposure'). It'll be out in late February (assuming no delays) on the April '77 label.

Will 'Reflective/Surface' be on the LP? Will 'I'm Ill' or 'What Am I Supposed To Do?' be released first or at all? Will the single be released on time for once? Release dates? Watch this space.

We're very excited.


Some people like to dress up in plastic masks and ring doorbells on the 31st October. Others prefer watching horror films on television and eating chocolate. Some skeptics refuse to participate at all. We aren't doing any of that. Instead, we're giving you a mixtape track list. If you haven't heard any of the songs on it... where have you been? Look them up.

The New Thing Hallowe'en Mix-Up

1. The Cure// Pornography
2. Pink Floyd// Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Bauhaus// Bela Lugosi's Dead
4. The Sonics// The Witch
5. Sisters of Mercy// Marian (Version)
6. The Doors// The End
7. Shyster// Tick Tock
8. The Virgin Prunes// Bau-Dachong
8. Dickens// Reve et Fumee
9. Pink Floyd// Scream Thy Last Scream
10. Siouxsie and the Banshees// Hallowe'en

Have fun.

PS. The Violets' album, 'The Lost Pages', is being released on the 26th November, not the 5th as we said... we're not sure whether it's been delayed (do any of these releases escape that curse?) or we were misinformed. Either way, I'm sure it's worth the wait. We also want to say 'get well soon' to Alix, their vocalist, who has laryngitis. (We hope she's at least better by the 10th...)

Sunday, October 28







9PM - 4AM



Yes, of course The New Thing will be going. What do you take us for?

The Horrors in The Mighty Boosh - details

Excitement over The Horrors' appearance in the new series of The Mighty Boosh has been stepped up with the release of details of the new series. First transmission is on Thursday 15th November at 10:30pm on BBC3, with one episode at the same time every Thursday for the next six weeks. The Horrors' episode is the last of the series, airing on 20th December. We even have a synopsis of the plot, where they play what seems to be a fictional version of themselves, a band called The Black Tubes. If you don't want to know any more, stop reading.

Vince is MCing a night at the Velvet Onion, to be headlined by The Black Tubes. Keen to fill the shoes of their recently deceased front man, Vince goes to immense lengths to get into their obligatory drainpipe jeans, but at what price? Meanwhile Howard takes acting lessons from Montgomery Flange in an attempt to overcome his stage fright and secure work with director Jurgen Harbourmaster, but will he miss out to Sammy The Crab?

We like the sound of it.

Saturday, October 27

Horrorpalooza? and other news

We're the last with this news, but The Horrors are set to play two London shows, on the 5th and 6th of December, with Ipso Facto and Electricity In Our Homes in the support slots. The shows are 14+ and will take place in Electrowerkz, Islington, which is what people like to call an 'intimate venue' - that is, it's nice and small. It should be a fantastic show.

What we want to know is whether this is the 'circus freaks' event the band have been promising us since the summer. Is this Horrorpalooza? You can rely on The New Thing to be your ear to the ground on this one, now that our news radar is back up and running. Watch this space.

In related news, Ipso Facto have let loose their video for their single 'Harmonise', to be released on 17th November. You can watch it here - it's very nice, especially if you were in doubt as to whether grainy black-and-white footage could be psychedelic.

Other New News was that Faris Badwan (if you don't know who he is, why are you reading this?) will be producing the next EP release from Hatcham Social. He's already designed a cover for them, so obviously he's just working his way up. The talented Mr Badwan also recently displayed some of his sketches in a London gallery, so perhaps we can expect a second exhibition in the near future.

Saturday, October 20

Ipso Facto single delay

The curse of the release delay has struck again, and this time the victim is Ipso Facto. Their single 'Harmonise', previously due for release on 22nd October (ie. two day's time) is now set for the 19th November, and their single launch party at Puregroove in Manchester has been delayed accordingly. Which is unfortunate.

In related news, Neils Children's Pop:Aural LP has now been delayed until about February or March 2007, according to a recent interview. So don't hold your breath for a pre-Christmas release.

Friday, October 19

Boys of Brazil//These New Puritans - SINGLES

For your information: the latest double-A-side single from These New Puritans, 'Colours'/'Numbers' on Angular Records, is now available for pre-order from Norman Records.

More excitingly, Boys of Brazil will be releasing a new single in the near future. Two new songs - 'Fall In Time' and 'On Your Hands' - have been posted on their MySpace, so they'll probably make up each side of the 7", but we're damned if we know which could be A and which is B, since they're both fantastic and you should go and listen to them straight away.

More news on both singles as soon as we get it!

Monday, October 15

Neils Children at Camden Roundhouse - A Review

13th October 2007. This was the second time Neils Children had performed a free all-ages show for Artrocker magazine at the Camden Roundhouse's FREEDM studio. The first in March was a brilliant performance, and we were hoping for a repeat (especially since we needed cheering up after missing Plastic Passion in support).

There were a few doubts at first, as the Children launched into an underwhelmingly slowed-down version of their latest single 'You Didn't Care', as to whether they'd deliver such a good performance again. 'What Am I Supposed To Do?' was a little lacking in the intensity which N/C have put into the song in the past as well. After these two numbers, the crowd was largely static and the Children didn't really seem to be enjoying themselves on stage.

Then came 'Something You Said'. Despite officially being a b-side, the song is among the Children's better-known tunes and its danceable drumbeat injected a bit of life into the arms-folded brigade. The improvised freakout also let N/C wake up a bit and get their technical skills into play. You could see why it's usually used as a set-opener, and maybe it'll go back to that position in the future.

So by the time 'Something You Said' was finished, the gig seemed to have finally started properly. Neils Children were on fine form, throwing out internation super-hits like 'Another Day' and new material like the 'The Night Is Over' with another improv section in the middle and the instrumental 'Communique' with all their usual attitude and skill, and providing more choice quotations for the Book Of 'I Hate Models' Put-Downs. This got the crowd at the front dance-fighting and the rest nodding in appreciation, which is all you'll get from some people.

'The Night Is Over' has been Neils Children's set-closer for a good while now, and so I was ready to leave, satisfied with a good concert, when John Linger raised his guitar and picked out a rising-and-descending hook, instantly recognisable to anyone in the know as the introduction of 'Lucifer Sam'. We were astonished since, like 'I Hate Models', 'Lucifer Sam' has been banished from the N/C set-list for so long that we thought it was gone for good. But this time they played it, and played it perfectly - sharp guitar attacks, virtuoso drum fills from Brandon Jacobs, and Keith Seymour's tight and solid bass backbone on one final improv section.

By the time the dragged-out last verse came around, my opinion of the Roundhouse gig had skyrocketed. Although the show started slowly, the climax was fantastic. The kids are a lot better than alright.

Saturday, October 13

The Violets//'Troubles of Keneat' - Review

The Violets' new single, 'Troubles of Keneat'/'Feast On You' (ARC026), isn't released until Monday. But, luckily for you, The New Thing have managed to grab a copy early. It's lucky for you because now you can plan your Monday afternoon around a visit to your local indie record shop.

The reason we say this is that you have to hear these two songs. 'Troubles of Keneat' is billed as a 'hedonistic Coldwave disco', and certainly lives up to that description with a lilting drum-machine rhythm and some radical pedal effects from guitarist Joe Daniel. Alexis McCloed spits her vocals in classic Siouxsie mode (she doesn't like the comparison, but it's truer on 'Keneat' than normal).

But as good as 'Keneat' is, it's the B-side, 'Feast On You', that makes it worth buying the single (instead of, say, looping the A-side on the band's MySpace). It's a slice of raw post-punk which really could have made a double-A release, and although Siouxsie is less obviously present in Alexis' voice, Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex looms large, and instrumentally the track sounds a lot like Boys of Brazil (which is definitely a good thing) - an angrier Josef K with Andy Gill playing lead guitar. 'Feast On You' has been knocking about The Violets' song box for a while, but this version captures it perfectly.

The sleeve and design aren't that special, it isn't limited edition, and it doesn't come with free stickers. But you should buy 'Troubles of Keneat' anyway, for two reasons. Firstly, to support The Violets and ensure they make more music in the future. Second, because 'Feast On You' is a top-quality song. Go and see them on Sunday at Dice Club, on Hallowe'en at Catch's Death Party, and/or on the 10th November at the Roundhouse. They're fantastic.

Thursday, October 11

Other Voices

The New Thing printed fanzine, 'Other Voices', is finished. Because of time issues, we'll be giving away about a dozen paper copies at The Violets' gig at the Camden Roundhouse on 10th November. The whole thing will be scanned and uploaded here in about a week's time.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, October 9

Band spotlight: Liberian Railways

There's obviously something about the former USSR that inspires post-punk/new wave bands. Presumably it's just a musical reaction to seventy years of Communism, but Liberian Railways follow hot on Motorama's heels into the coveted(?) New Thing spotlight with a danceable new wave sound from Russia and Estonia.

It would be bad technique to rate a band by comparison to others, but they're inviting it upon themselves by doing a fairly straight cover of The Horrors' 'Gloves', complete with Estonian-toned Rotteresque vocals. It's actually quite good, though, and the emphasis on the performance rather than the song gives us a nice chance to evaluate their instrumental skills. These are of a pretty high standard (although someone needs to confiscate at least one cymbal) and show a lot of potential. Their other songs are also good chunks of fun post-punk. Think Orange Juice compared to Motorama as Joy Division - not so much bleak beauty, songwriting skill, or vocal ability, but you'd be more likely to invite them to your party.

Monday, October 8

Five Days Of Aural Pleasure

This week in October features a five-day period of high-quality live music for London-based disciples.;;
It begins on Wednesday, when Electricity In Our Homes play the Death Disco night at Notting Hill Arts Club with Project:KOMAKINO.
On Thursday, the new Glue club holds a launch party, with live music from Neils Children and The Guillotines.
Friday sees Boys of Brazil and The Errorplains play a filmed show at Glo-Ball Hypercolour in Holloway.
A free all-ages show on Saturday organised by Artrocker magazine has Neils Children headlining and Plastic Passion in support (after Electricity In Our Homes sadly pulled out).
And on Sunday the Dice Club hosts Ipso Facto's single launch party, with music from The Violets, The Guillotines, and the Ipsos themselves.

If any followers of The New Thing are attending any of these events and want to write reviews, they'd be more than welcome. Have a good week.

Sunday, October 7

'Beat Pyramid' delay and Violets LP

We suspected it already, but These New Puritans have announced that the release of their LP Beat Pyramid has been postponed. It's now due on 28th January. The good news is that the single 'Numbers'/'Colours' is still on track for a 25th October release, and an Elvis EP is scheduled for release the week before the album.

The second (but much better) piece of news is that The Violets will be stealing a march on the Puritans and releasing their own LP on the very same day that Beat Pyramid was originally to be released. November 5th will see The Lost Pages on the shelves, preceded by the single 'Troubles of Keneat' which comes out on October 15th. The band are touring in the UK to promote the album until December, and then playing seven dates in Germany.

We're excited.

Saturday, October 6

'Harmonise' - details

It's all go for Ipso Facto. 'Harmonise', their debut single, will be released on 22nd October - pre-orders are now available from Chris Error's label, Disc Error Recordings (their first release), and you can listen to it and its b-side 'Balderdash' at Ipso Facto's MySpace page.

The band are touring to promote the single from the 14th October, with club dates in London, Middlesbrough, Manchester, and Cardiff, and European shows in Rome and Paris. While in Manchester on 19th October, they'll be playing live on BBC6 Music (digital radio - probably at 7pm). They'll also be following in The Errorplains' fresh footsteps with a show presented by music website in London on the 29th November.

Most astonishingly of all, they've made an appearance in NME's 'Buzz' section (linked so you don't have to buy the wretched thing yourself), which describes itself as 'the best new music, first'. That's not quite right, actually - we've been covering them for a month and listening to them for more than twice that, Mr McNicholas - but it's good to see them hitting the quality mark for once. We're planning to frame the article in question and put it on our wall as a one-off historical artefact.

Busy people, those Ipsos. Buy the single.

Wednesday, October 3

Three news items in descending order of importance

1// Ipso Facto will be releasing their debut single, 'Harmonise'/'Balderdash' on 22nd October. Pre-orders are available from tomorrow. We are excited.

2// Electricity In Our Homes seem to have pulled out of the support slot for Neils Children at the Roundhouse in Camden next Saturday. They've been replaced by Plastic Passion. Pros and cons.

3// The New Thing's printed fanzine gathers pace. It's called 'Other Voices'. Watch this space.

Monday, October 1

Welcome to 10//07

Our joint Top 4 and individual Top 5s for October are all up at The New Thing MySpace. Leave us a comment on the MySpace blog and tell us your own songs of the month. We are interested.

Also, These New Puritans have added their new single, 'Numbers' (also known as 'Numerology') to their MySpace page. It's quite brilliant - maybe not as good as 'Elvis' (which is their high point so far, in my eyes), but definitely better than the entire UK Chart Top 20. It sounds a bit like Twisted Charm, actually. Go and listen.