Monday, September 24

Boosh and Brazil//A Small Update

Rumour reaches our ears that the new series of The Mighty Boosh, starting at the end of November, will have a guest feature not only from The Horrors, but also from synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan. (The bad news is the rumour also includes an appearance from the Towers of London, but I personally would put up with them for a bit of Numan.)

In other news, Boys of Brazil are having their current London shows filmed, apparently for a television programme. Taping took place at their show tonight at Rockstar @ The Ghetto, and their show at Glo-Ball Hypercolour on October 12th, with The Errorplains, is also going to be filmed. If you fancy getting on the tellybox, then why not shuffle along? (And even if you don't, you should still go and see them. They're fantastic.)

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