Friday, September 14

Band spotlight: Motorama

Just to prove we're not 100% centred around London, the band spotlight today shines on a three-piece from Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia. Motorama have been playing traditional post-punk for a year, taking a heavy cue from early Joy Division among others - lead bass guitar, obtuse lyrics, and deep booming vocals accompany some very danceable drum lines.

Practically no-one reading this blog is going to be able to see them live until they get a lot bigger and do a world tour (wishful thinking? They deserve the success...). But thankfully they've put up a live version of their song 'Somersaults' on their MySpace for free download, and some really good raw demos of their other tracks are available on their main website. This is a band who you should take notice of. Они очен хорошии.


Ana Frightens said...

Thank you for bringing my attention to this band. I'm enjoying the tracks uploaded to their Myspace.

N'oo said...

Mm...really nice!
By the way you shold spell not очен but очень.))

Dimmie Sparx said...

yes. thanks for your attention to the russian band. Maybe you'll find interesting to hear this collective:

Спасибо! ;))

Anonymous said...

Not 3 pieces, but 4!

bpanther said...

Their songs are also avaible for free on this page: