Thursday, September 6

Band spotlight: Spider and the Flies

Spider and the Flies is the musical brainchild of The Horrors' Rhys 'Spider' Webb and Tomethy Furse (which presumably makes Tom 'the Flies'). Using a variety of synthesizers and sequencers, with a drum machine and a theremin thrown in for good luck, Spider and the Flies have made a string of throbbing electronic masterpieces, inspired mainly by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (who created the original Doctor Who theme tune, along with incidental music for various other sci-fi programmes). As well as that, they have invented an unlikely but exciting back-story involving clockwork laboratories, human/insect hybrids, and black holes.

If that kind of thing floats your boat (which it should), then their first 7" release is available for pre-order from Pure Groove Records, and comes out later this month.

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