Monday, September 3

Coffin Joe's guide to making skinny jeans

This is our first fashion post, and it's concerned with two things that mean a lot to us: skinny jeans and the DIY (do it yourself) aesthetic. There are several ways to convert a pair of old baggy jeans into fertility-hamperingly tight drainpipes, but one generally approved method is the 'Coffin Joe'. Here's how the Horrors drummer described his technique in the first Horrors fanzine.

1) try and buy a pair of jeans with a bit of stretch to them. don't have to be ones that you would necessarily pick up and love but ones that you like the colour of. the stretch helps the drainpipes to become a bit tighter (and easier to get on and off!).

2) start by turning the jeans inside out and when inside out put them on. if you have pins, safety pins or anything like that roughly pin the jeans so they are reasonably tight to your leg. the tighter they are to your leg the tighter they're going to be.

3) it's usually better to take in the jeans on the outer side of your leg just because of the way the groin works and hangs (trying not to be vulgar). it's actually easier to do them on the inner side!!

4) either way you've pinned it, pull the jeans off and lay them on the floor. real drainpipes are actually completely straight all the way down, but you can take it in further at the knee and just above the ankle if you want them really tight (usually for girls but I like this personnally for boys!).

5) roughly draw a line or pin a line a bit bigger than you want them, as you can always take them in more, and then, using a sewing machine, sew down the line. the next process is just trying and seeing if they are right or not. if not, take them in as preferred in different places.

6) when sorted out, double over the line, using the sewing machine, as when putting on drainpipes, it usually stretches the stitches and can sometimes snap the thread. pay more attention towards the ankle of the drainpipes as this is where most stretch will occur.

7) hopefully the end, and a perfect pair of drainpipes.

This is probably the most requested piece of Horrors-related literature on The Horum, their official forum, and so hopefully posting it here might stop people posting new threads asking for it.

More guides for fashionistas to come in the not-too-distant future!


Eric said...

Skinny jeans are easy to fashion from a normal pair of jeans, but personally, I won't wear them. They look silly on men.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't. They look good on cool people and shouldn't have entered the mainstream 'fashion' world in the first place. Stop exploiting subcultures!