Friday, September 21

Band spotlight: Project:KOMAKINO

We really have no idea how this one managed to slip under the radar. Project:KOMAKINO, the one-man musical project of Kris Kane, is another in the crop of bands that emerged from Junk, so by rights we at The New Thing should have picked up on him a long time ago. It's our loss that we didn't, because his music is some of the most beautiful I've heard in a long time.

That's right - beautiful - and that's not a word we throw about a lot. It's reminiscent of late Joy Division, around the time they recorded 'Atmosphere' - sharp, echoing percussion and bleakly gorgeous synths, with cryptic lyrics and deep bass vocals, mixed low. In fact, Kris Kane sounds eerily similar to Ian Curtis, though his voice is also reminiscent of Andrew Eldritch (of The Sisters of Mercy).

He's got an official release coming up on Mute Irregulars, but for now, do yourself a favour and visit his MySpace immediately. You will not regret giving his music a listen. And go and see him live as soon as you can - we're told he's just as amazing on stage as in the studio.

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electriceyeonme said...

He really is very impressive on stage. He can hold your attention, play great music and put on a great show on his own with no need for a band.