Saturday, September 15

Band spotlight: Wretched Replica

Wretched Replica were one of the many bands that emerged from Junkclub in Southend. They originally formed in about 2003, adding members over time to create a great raw post-punk/garage sound with fabulously poetic lyrics. After they supported The Horrors at their semi-legendary 100 Club show in July 2006, the future looked bright for Wretched Replica, and they were hailed at least once as one corner of a skinny, well-dressed Southend triangle, with The Horrors and These New Puritans as the other two. But then the band split up in the Autumn of 2006.

New projects from the various members have been promised but nothing seems to have happened yet. Happily, Replica have left a really quite admirable (if limited) musical legacy. Their few songs and releases are worth looking for - the tracks on their MySpace reflect their more post-punk output, whilst songs like 'Dirty Water' and 'Nathan The Good' are straight garage rockers. Replica were very talented and had buckets of potential, and it was a shame to see them go.

Wretched Replica MySpace

Yes, three band spotlights in three days seems lazy. So, coming up soon (with a bit of luck): a review of the Experimental Circle Club. Watch this space.

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