Thursday, September 27

EIOH EP//Band spotlight: ddd

The Shareholders Meeting, the debut EP from Electricity In Our Homes, is finally on its way! The 200 pre-order copies were sent out to the expectant shareholders today, according to Modern Pop Records, and should arrive tomorrow (so, only eleven days late). We at The New Thing will be reviewing it as soon as we get our hands on it, and the review should appear in our first print fanzine, due out in a couple of weeks. Watch this space!

In other news, our band spotlight shines today on ddd, a London duo who are set to play at the Experimental Circle Club's first birthday party in November. Ddd have been making experimental electronic noises, with distorted guitar and jerky vocals - in fact, they sound a little like the paranoid, edgy cousins of The Errorplains - since 2005, when the band was a solo project. They've since added a member, released three sold-out singles, and made various appearances on some almost sickeningly hip compilations. 'Can't Explain', the A-side of their first single, is available for download from myspace. Go and see them at Exp. Circ. - they're very good.

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