Thursday, September 13

Band spotlight: Goodnight And I Wish

Goodnight And I Wish isn't, strictly speaking, a band - it's actually Brandon Jacobs' stage name, borrowed from an Altered Images song title. When he isn't doing percussion/synths/backing vox with Neils Children, Mr Jacobs has a highly successful sideline in what he calls 'lullaby pop'. In fact, he describes it more fully as 'hypnotic melodies painted over visual musical layers that create dreams and fairy tales in the minds of those who wish before they sleep'.

What this boils down to is a big mish-mash of psychedelic doodles and whimsical pop, which works surprisingly well. Some songs are simple childlike ballads, with just voice and acoustic guitar (very much in the Syd Barrett mould), while others are heavy with studio effects - backwards guitar, distorted vocals, tape loops, and synthesisers. So far, the project has been very productive, with at least a dozen songs (including a cover of Kate Nash's recent #2 single, 'Foundations') put up on the Goodnight And I Wish MySpace(s) so far.

Since Brandon Jacobs also runs the Modern Pop Records label, it might not be long until some kind of official release from the project. Until then, tracks can be downloaded from his secondary MySpace site - the range of tracks there changes pretty often, so keep checking it! It's free, it's easy, and it's really good stuff.

Goodnight And I Wish MySpace
Goodnight And I Wish downloads MySpace

(There is a little bit of controversy over whether the name is actually 'Goodnight And I Wish' or 'Goodnight And I Wish*', with an asterisk. My personal opinion is 'same difference', but since there's no way to pronounce the '*', I'm inclined to say it's only aesthetic and to leave it off normally. Unless Mr Jacobs himself wants to clear the matter up, just do what you like and don't bitch about people who do differently. It'll help your blood pressure.)

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