Wednesday, May 28

KASMs:: new 7"

The details for KASMs' new 7" single have been unveiled, and we're pleased. Side A will feature 'Taxidermy', a live favourite and a standout track on their debut EP. The flipside has new guitar-storm 'Siren Sister', a sinister warped blues now audible at their MySpace page. The whole package is due in July 8 on Trouble Records, as well as a special edition yet to be revealed. And it has a free poster. An essential release: get it as soon as it hits the shelves.

Project:KOMAKINO EP release details;;

The recording of the debut EP from Project:KOMAKINO, a self-titled 4-track 12" record, is finished, and the band have announced release details. The record, recorded and mixed by the four-piece in 36 hours, will be limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered and screen-printed. Production duties are courtesy of Bonnie K of Electricity In Our Homes, and the EP will be released on Parlour Records towards the end of July.

Monday, May 26

EIOH single delay;;

News in brief: the date for the next release from Electricity In Our Homes has been pushed back a week to the 9th June while artwork is being developed. More information as we hear it.


Ipso Facto have announced the first details of the follow-up to debut single 'Harmonise', which sold out on DiscError Recordings in October. 'Little Puppet' will be produced by Gareth Jones (Wire, Einst├╝rzende Neubaten, These New Puritans), with 'Smoke and Mirrors' on the other side. The song, one of the band's first, was rejected as a debut single prior to 'Harmonise' but is now due to create another hype explosion around the all-girl psychedelic combo - copies will again be limited when the single is released on DiscError within the next few months, so keep your ears pointed this way for a release date soon.

(Disclaimer after some confusion: this entire post is hearsay and rumour, and is not to be trusted...)

Friday, May 16


Some good news concerning Neils Children reaches our ears for the first time in a while. After months of suspicious silence following the abandonment of the planned 'Pop:Aural' album, the band have confirmed that they are set to release new material over the summer and beyond.

The long-awaited singles 'Reflective/Surface'/'Exposure' (April77) and 'I'm Ill' (Waks, with newly-announced b-side 'Terror at Home') are set for release in June and July/August respectively, and, most excitingly, a new 12-track LP 'X.Enc' in September or October - possibly allowing a joint album-promotion tour with The Horrors in the autumn.

More details on release are to be announced nearer the time, but it's likely that the band's sound will have developed yet again by the time the album is released, with a darkly melodic direction promised. With N/C drummer Brandon Jacobs (whose side-project Goodnight & I Wish released debut EP 'Dreams... Wishes, and Fairy-tales' this week) promising that the new album will 'blow everything we've ever done out of the water', expectations are running high. It's up to Neils Children to fulfil them and, for the first time in their nine-year career, get a full-length album out.

Thursday, May 8

FVs.P WLTM singer (F) for friendship & more;;

Futurism Vs. Passeism are looking for a vocalist after the departure of Stephanie Baker for reasons as yet unknown. Applicants should be female, and be able to play keyboards and, ideally, guitar too. Applicants should message FVs.P at their Myspace - anyone willing and able should be clicking right now to keep this excellent band on its feet.

Thursday, May 1

Wire & Ipso Facto for Offset;;

Post-punk legends Wire and the monochrome psychedelia of Ipso Facto have both been confirmed for Offset Festival on 30th-31st August. Offset, tickets for which go on sale today, also features an Experimental Circle Tent with already-confirmed acts including Ulterior and Electricity In Our Homes; the addition of the ascendant Ipso Facto and their eerie organ sounds, as well as one of the most influential and innovative groups of the post-punk era in the headline slot, puts Offset among the best summer festivals for followers of The New Thing. Early £35 weekend tickets are available from for a limited time now.