Wednesday, November 7


It might sound a bit strange to review what is actually a demo disc, but the release which arrived at our door the other day is the first official release from Project:KOMAKINO, the one-man (soon to be three-man) musical project of Kris Kane.

The release is another fantastic little DIY job, hand-stamped with angular artwork in biro, a pinhole photograph inside, and a copy number on the reverse (no. 9/25 in our case). It looks very stylish - minimalist and professional, whilst still maintaining an air of the old 'it was easy, it was cheap, go and do it'.

So does the music match up? Happily, yes. 'Penumbra 1' (the release's key track) is a morose, atmospheric wall of synth noise, uncanny effects, and robotic drumming, not unlike a lost track from Bowie's Low, while the lyrics - 'I only think in black and white' - and vocals are pure Joy Division. 'Walking On Glass' also begs the Unknown Pleasures connection with its prominent bassline, and features a fantastic Essex-accented spoken-word part which brings to mind Boys of Brazil (or even The Horrors' 'Excellent Choice').

'Exodus' is another moody up-tempo soundscape, and although the three tracks are rather similar (it's something about the percussion, a problem which can be solved easily once a drummer has been recruited), they're all truly magnificent. Can we have some more please, Mr. Komakino?

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