Thursday, November 1

EIOH new single//P:K demos;;expansion

Hot on the heels of Neils Children (see below), Electricity In Our Homes have revealed a new single to be released soon. In EIOH's case, we don't know the name of the song. What we do know is that it'll be out in December on Waks Records, as a limited 7" single.

There's also movement in Project:KOMAKINO. Kris Komakino has made a three-track CD of demo tracks, with hand-drawn artwork. As well as being his first release, what makes them special is that there are only 25 of them. P:K is also in the process of recruiting a bassist and a drummer to form a post-punk power trio for live performances (and the studio, maybe?), so maybe there'll be a shift in their sound, probably for the better.

Anyway, hopefully we'll be able to review both of the new releases for you. Watch this space.

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