Saturday, November 17

1-2-3-4 Winter Offensive//Faris Badwan solo show

Saturday 8th December sees an indoor festival at Richmix on Bethnal Green Road, hosted by 1-2-3-4 Records. Their Shoreditch festival in August was fantastic, and the Winter Offensive looks likely to be even better for followers of The New Thing, with appearances by Ipso Facto and Electricity In Our Homes, as well as Whitey, featuring former bandmates of The Horrors' Joshua Third.

This event should also be special because it is, as far as we know, the very first live solo performance by the ever-talented Mr Faris Badwan, vocalist and frontman for The Horrors.

The New Thing is still trying to find out what kind of material he's planning to perform - Horrors songs solo? (Surely not.) Just a DJ set? (We say that wouldn't deserve a headline slot.) What we think (and hope) is that this could be the first outing for his rumoured solo electronic project.

Are we right? You'll get all the news as it comes in right here... watch this space.

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