Wednesday, November 14

Band spotlight//EFFI BRIEST

We don't want to write this post. We've been meaning to spotlight Effi Briest for a few weeks now, and somehow we've never found the time. And now the NME has reviewed their concert last week with Ipso Facto, and the NME is one bandwagon we don't want to jump on, in terms of bringing you new music.

But we are forced to write. Why? Because the seven-piece, all-female, New York-based Effi Briest are fantastic. Their most recent 7" 'Mirror Rim' is, like its title might suggest, written entirely in palindromes (phrases which read the same whichever way you read them), and it's a stomp of a punk tune with aggressive percussion and subtly dangerous-sounding synth work. Its B-side, 'The Newlyweds' Song', is a cover of an old jazz tune and borrows equally from female-led 1960s psychedelic groups like Jefferson Airplane and The United States Of America and 1970s New York no-wave.

Listen to them.

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