Monday, July 6

TNT007: a brand new broadcast.

Now available: The New Thing broadcast, volume 7. We present our bespoke one-hour soundtrack to a hazy psychedelic summer, featuring Hatcham Social, Ipso Facto, Slowdive, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Neu!, Spacemen 3, and July, plus a further nine artists from today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Direct yourself here to listen or get it as a free audio file here, and thank you for listening.


upside-down said...

thanks tnt
this excursus of psychedelic summer rock gave some fresh to my afternoon...

Goodbye Henry Detamble said...

yet another amazing addition to the collection. is there any chance you might re-upload broadcasts 1-4 again? i know at least three of them are no longer available.

many thanks again for all the great introductions. i look forward to number 8!