Monday, July 6

N/C -1

Shocking news: just over a month after Neils Children finally released their debut album X.Enc., bass player Keith Seymour has decided to leave the band. Seymour, who previously played for post-rock group Hope of the States, replaced former Neils Children bassist James Hair in 2005; his departure has forced the group to postpone their forthcoming shows at Dice Club and Southend's Railway Hotel, and the remaining members will be searching for a replacement as well as recording new material in the near future. Best of luck to them.


6eggs5soldiers said...

Aaaw! Why d'he leave ?

dave said...

Neil's Children are god-awful anyway aren't they?!

Sarah Valentine said...

I was looking forward to them at Dice. Gosh bad timing. I don't think they're god awful I think they're one of the top bands in this movement! Thanks for the news. x