Tuesday, July 14

electricity in our homes : WE AGREE COMPLETELY


Electricity In Our Homes continue to push their idiosyncratic noise onwards. Moving away from the scratchy Fire Engineisms of their first singles, their sound has evolved into a more complex series of minimal rhythmic layers and artful repetition, sounding a little like the Desperate Bicycles covering Can. The spiky three-way vocals grant them a further remove from any other band around today. As an extended release, though, We Agree Completely doesn't go far to prove EIOH's credentials as anything more than a singles band. While the two best tracks, Hooves and Don't You Want To? (Follow) would make a fantastic seven-inch on their own, the other four tracks are rather more throwaway: Scenes from the Life of a Double Mattress and Goodbye feel like undeveloped sketches, Message of Joy is utterly unmemorable, and the ironically-titled Are They Wearing Thin? is an unlistenable failed remix experiment (so yes, they are). Over the course of an album some of these cuts could probably make the grade, but since this is EIOH's first progression beyond the single format it would be nice if it had a few more songs to bear it up. It's not a complete failure, but it does suggest that this is a band best suited to serving up bite-size listening rather than a full meal. Although we'd love to be proved wrong next time around.

We Agree Completely is released on 27th July, and is limited to 500 12" copies, now available for preorder. Electricity In Our Homes perform live at Rough Trade East on the 25th to mark the release.

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Brandon G. said...

I love EIOH but I wish they had an mp3 version of the album as well, I don't have a vinyl music player and I can't readily afford one :(