Friday, February 29

Horrors album update;;

The Horrors album has been postponed. Its original tentative release date of March has been altered to something like September, according to Faris Badwan, in order to avoid rushing the work. Reasons have been to the effect that in order to develop the spontaneous energy of the first album into a more mature and long-lasting sound, time and care must be taken. Nonetheless new material is being written and recorded as we write, and the rumoured Suicide cover (of 'Dance', as far as we know) will be released as part of a tribute to the electronic pioneers in the near future. So all that is needed is to play the waiting game. Watch this space.

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S said...

I heard the same. Spoke to Rhys and he said two songs were already recorded, nothing more. And he said next month Spider and The Flies'll release an EP. The only thing which isn't ready, is the artwork.

Pity you can't send the zines to belgium.. cheers