Thursday, February 14

Band spotlight//FACTORY FLOOR

Factory Floor are a mysterious post-punk trio from Hackney: electronic, abrasive, and fiercely original, and claiming to prize ideas over ability. They work with vintage equipment and tape loops, layered with feedback, insistent Krautrock bass lines, and ethereally harsh vocals; current single 'Bipolar' is the proud owner of an inspired combination of Kraftwerk-inspired metallic beats and ambient synthesisers, along with the obligatory Jim Morrison/Ian Curtis post-punk vocals. Speaking of Jim Morrison, the band's cover of The Doors' 'The End' is a close challenger on the original. The band are set to play a variety of East London venues in the near future, and sound like they're worth seeing; if you don't believe us, listen to their MySpace tracks.


Fred said...

They're really something, Bipolar is magnificent.

Martin said...

Bipolar is indeed magnificent and is out on 7" and download on 21 April 2008. It'll be available from Outside Sound direct or through Forte Distribution at all good indie stores. The vinyl is 500 copies only - orange vinyl.

Fred said...

Wonderful, something to keep me going through the monotony of GCSE's.