Saturday, October 6

'Harmonise' - details

It's all go for Ipso Facto. 'Harmonise', their debut single, will be released on 22nd October - pre-orders are now available from Chris Error's label, Disc Error Recordings (their first release), and you can listen to it and its b-side 'Balderdash' at Ipso Facto's MySpace page.

The band are touring to promote the single from the 14th October, with club dates in London, Middlesbrough, Manchester, and Cardiff, and European shows in Rome and Paris. While in Manchester on 19th October, they'll be playing live on BBC6 Music (digital radio - probably at 7pm). They'll also be following in The Errorplains' fresh footsteps with a show presented by music website in London on the 29th November.

Most astonishingly of all, they've made an appearance in NME's 'Buzz' section (linked so you don't have to buy the wretched thing yourself), which describes itself as 'the best new music, first'. That's not quite right, actually - we've been covering them for a month and listening to them for more than twice that, Mr McNicholas - but it's good to see them hitting the quality mark for once. We're planning to frame the article in question and put it on our wall as a one-off historical artefact.

Busy people, those Ipsos. Buy the single.


Alyssa Thralls said...

thanks for this, cause I haven't picked up a NME in years and wouldn't have seen it. I am going to get one soon though for an art project I'm doing which will involved ripping it up, covering it in fake blood and sticking a knife in it. As you can tell, I'm a big fan.
Btw, is it just me or was it weird that they were going on about how "goth" Ipso Facto look? They looked pretty mod/garage to me, but with a monochromatic slant. But maybe I'm just too "goth" myself to know goth when I see it.

Ana Frightens said...

I agree with Alyssa's comment. I was rather disappointed when I saw the scan the girls posted - there was too much emphasis on their appearance than what they actually sounded like. No wonder the sepulchral metaphors and references were laid on thick and they had to drag The Horrors' name in as well.

I suppose the positive news is that Ipso Facto is getting noticed.