Sunday, October 7

'Beat Pyramid' delay and Violets LP

We suspected it already, but These New Puritans have announced that the release of their LP Beat Pyramid has been postponed. It's now due on 28th January. The good news is that the single 'Numbers'/'Colours' is still on track for a 25th October release, and an Elvis EP is scheduled for release the week before the album.

The second (but much better) piece of news is that The Violets will be stealing a march on the Puritans and releasing their own LP on the very same day that Beat Pyramid was originally to be released. November 5th will see The Lost Pages on the shelves, preceded by the single 'Troubles of Keneat' which comes out on October 15th. The band are touring in the UK to promote the album until December, and then playing seven dates in Germany.

We're excited.

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