Tuesday, October 9

Band spotlight: Liberian Railways

There's obviously something about the former USSR that inspires post-punk/new wave bands. Presumably it's just a musical reaction to seventy years of Communism, but Liberian Railways follow hot on Motorama's heels into the coveted(?) New Thing spotlight with a danceable new wave sound from Russia and Estonia.

It would be bad technique to rate a band by comparison to others, but they're inviting it upon themselves by doing a fairly straight cover of The Horrors' 'Gloves', complete with Estonian-toned Rotteresque vocals. It's actually quite good, though, and the emphasis on the performance rather than the song gives us a nice chance to evaluate their instrumental skills. These are of a pretty high standard (although someone needs to confiscate at least one cymbal) and show a lot of potential. Their other songs are also good chunks of fun post-punk. Think Orange Juice compared to Motorama as Joy Division - not so much bleak beauty, songwriting skill, or vocal ability, but you'd be more likely to invite them to your party.

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