Monday, September 21

New Horrors single.

The next single by The Horrors will be out on 2nd November, and will be 'Whole New Way', a non-album track featured as a bonus track on Japanese copies of their current LP Primary Colours. It's rather strange decision - while the track isn't bad, it's definitely not traditional single material; based around a repeating major-key bass loop and studded with twinkling synthesisers, it is to all intents and purposes a perfect b-side. It's also five minutes long, and doesn't really go anywhere until the last minute when the guitar and synths start sliding beautifully together. Not, as we said, the obvious choice of single - but possibly, considering the first track released from Primary Colours was the eight-minute krautrock epic 'Sea Within A Sea', no more than we should expect nowadays from The Horrors. In any case, it's looking like the b-side, the Psychedelic Furs-style album title track 'Primary Colours', will get the club plays.


Brandon G. said...

I saw The Horrors 2 days ago here in DC. That show blew my mind! They've captured the energy of Strange House and managed to extend it over a 45 minute set. I was thinking that they'd do a new song for the single. They did a cover of Suicide's Ghost Rider as part of a recent encore. But not Whole New Way. Either ways we have to see what this new mix is is like now >.<

Marilyn Roxie said...

Sounds like it is going to be epic! In regards to Brandon's comment...ah, I'd love to hear them doing "Ghost Rider" They are too good :D

bearcat said...

Yeah but the new mix is amazing. Primary Colours already sounds old compared to this baby. I see Whole New Way making good, if they have a good video/an appearence on Later with Jools Holland that involves gospel singers. But if not I'm just happy with the amazingness of the song. Just because IT'S DAMON ALBARN!!