Thursday, September 24

disconcerts : A. MEDIC


February's debut single from Chichester's finest (only?) frenetic post-punk trio was a masterly amalgamation of everything that was best about 80s DIY punk, scratching brilliantly and pulsating like a long-lost Fire Engines single. The A. Medic EP doesn't do anything new, but it does everything several notches bigger and better. 'Cotton' and 'Tongues' are tightly-structured pop clatterers, with as much in common with Gang of Four or A Certain Ratio as with The Desperate Bicycles; the rhythm section of Rick Trust and Alan Pilkington worms its way into the subconscious while the brain focusses on Hugo Hamper-Potts' slashing guitar, and lodges there for good. There's something about Hamper-Potts' yelps which recalls the (very brief) time when The Young Knives wrote exciting and brilliant pop songs, but don't let the comparison put you off - it sounds like Disconcerts are in no danger of running out of ideas any time soon. A perfect balance of DIY and disco; wherever Disconcerts head next, we hope they keep the best of both worlds as well as here.

A. Medic is released on 5th October on limited 12" vinyl, and is available for preorder from the Parlour Records website.

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