Tuesday, July 15

IPSO FACTO :: next singles.

The second single from Ipso Facto, 'Ears and Eyes', is set to be released on August 4th. The limited edition single was recorded with Liam Watson at his Toe Rag Studios on the finest vintage analogue equipment, previously used by The White Stripes and Billy Childish among others, and is available on single-sided 7" vinyl. It's released on Pure Groove's Germs of Youth label, and the band are due to mark the release with an instore appearance at the Farringdon record shop on 31st July at 6.30pm, followed by a chance to buy the record before its release and get it signed by the band.

The group are due to follow this up with the release of '6 & ¾'/'Circle of Fifths' (tracklisting tbc) in September on Mute Irregulars. This one's produced by John Rivers, who, as the engineer for The Specials' 'Ghost Town', brings a suitably atmospheric touch. Those two tracks can be heard on the Ipso Facto MySpace now, and the band play a number of live dates throughout the summer.

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