Sunday, July 13


Darryl Woollaston’s ddd machine has been ticking away in the background for three years now, adding new cogs (second guitarist John) and churning out one razor-sharp single per year as precisely as clockwork. Now, with their first extended release, they’ve upped a gear. Their self-titled EP flicks directly into action with the mechanical guitar squall that is live favourite and standout track ‘Drown’: a persistantly simple riff lays the foundations for an extended introduction of synthesised beats and noises, before Woollaston’s laconically malignant vocals slice defiant words into the mixture.

What ddd have lost in manic punk energy since their inception they’ve gained in sinister rigidity and sheer technical competence, and every part of the common electric guitar contributes to the array of noises: ‘Drown’ features the sound of the strings reverberating after the back of the guitar’s head is hit, and we don’t dare to imagine how the deeply unsettling scratching noise on ‘Spiral’ was achieved. The robotic pace and voice of the first and third tracks are offset by the darting-eyed paranoia of ‘Concentration’, with its schizophrenic whispered background vocals matched only by the madness of the guitars.

Though the EP is only one track longer than their singles, it’s still a step forward for the ddd project, and its technical precision is unmatched. The duo are starting to gather more recognition for their otherworldly noises, and it’s with great excitement that we look forward to the next twist of the screw.

The EP is available now from the iTunes Music Store, and numbered, limited 10" vinyl copies can be bought at the launch party at the Old Blue Last on the 20th.

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