Thursday, June 19

Hatcham Social free track & update;

Stirrings from the Island of Doctor Moreau, where Hatcham Social are reputedly preparing to record their debut album. An official announcement is imminent, but we hear that recording will start within the month, with Tim Burgess of The Charlatans producing, and that there'll be a new single announcement soon.

A taste of things to come is offered in the form of the new track 'Superman', available now as a free download from the A Clearing In The Woods forum. A synth line (a Hatcham first as far as we know) lends it a certain shoegazing air, but it's still got the barrel of delicate pop melodies and fitful rhythm section from earlier singles, and it's definitely worth the trouble of signing up to the forum. Also on offer are early ticket releases, more free downloads, and frequent updates on the band's activity, so sign up now and brighten up your day.

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