Tuesday, June 10


Two individual pieces of single news;

1// Project:KOMAKINO's first single, 'Penumbra 1', will be released on 1st October on April77 Records, but for those not wishing to wait it can be heard now at their MySpace. It's certainly an improvement on Kris Kane's solo demo version, with the added band members each making their contributions and a new vocal style which develops the former Ian Curtis-style gloom into something less murky and more distinct. The group's next release is the Project:KOMAKINO EP on 28th June, which we strongly recommend you buy.

2// Ulterior's '15' single now has a confirmed release date of 16th June - that is, the coming Monday. The follow-up to 'Weapons' is another essential buy - it's on DiscError, and available at any decent record shop.

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