Saturday, April 19

Horrors&N/C album news;;

Faris Badwan's made it known that The Horrors are planning to record their second LP in June. Having left Loog Records, the label on which they released Strange House, in favour of XL, the band will finish writing new songs before going into the studio, and hope to release not only the album but also one single before the end of the year. This could mean a later release date than the previously-announced September, but the band appear confident that the album will be worth the wait.

It's rumoured that Neils Children are also in the process of picking up the pieces of the unreleased Pop:Aural and recording a new album in a warehouse, without any kind of outside help. They claim to be heading in a more melodic direction, and with new single 'I'm Ill' currently advertised as 'coming soon', there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the group. More information, of course, when we get it.

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