Tuesday, April 29

G&IW: The Future

With Neils Children playing fewer and fewer concerts, drummer Brandon Jacobs has a lot of time on his hands - and he's using it to make a major solo assault on the musical world in his Goodnight & I Wish guise. Having made his first appearance on a major stage supporting The Long Blondes, and after the release of his DIY debut EP Dreams...Wishes, and Fairy Tales on May 5th, he's due to release a single, 'So Much For The British Summertime' on June 23rd (three days after the summer solstice - a fitting release date if ever there was one). That's before beginning work on his debut album, due for the end of the year. A busy time, and not necessarily good news for the wellbeing of Jacobs' percussion commitments... but more of that later. For now, the future looks bright for twee lullaby-pop.

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