Sunday, January 6


The Experimental Circle Club has been running nights in Southend regularly since September, but now the New Year is here they've decided to return to their roots. To make the club more spontaneous and to avoid complacency, the Exp.Circ. will be hosting irregular nights throughout the southeast for the foreseeable future, and advises those who wish to attend to 'keep their earballs open'.

Meanwhile, Ipso Facto are gearing up for their second release with DiscError with the unveiling of two new songs, 'Eyes of the Blind' and 'Smoke and Mirrors'. The new tracks are just as mysteriously atmospheric as previous releases, but there are new innovations like added electronics from Cherish Kaya's keyboards, and what sounds suspiciously like a Mellotron... we'll have release dates as soon as they're announced; watch this space. For now, listen to the new tracks at the Ipso Facto MySpace.

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