Thursday, December 20

Goodnight & I Wish EP // clubs

Brandon Jacobs has announced that he will be recording an EP for his Goodnight & I Wish solo side-project. We don't have any more information on track listings or release details as of yet, but since Mr Jacobs owns a record label...

In other news, this week is a good one for live music in London. Today Electricity In Our Homes and ddd played at the Shout! night at the Old Blue Last, and on Saturday we're faced with a choice between The Horrors' Cave Club (with Billy Childish and the MBEs) and the second Exp. Circ. Club night in London. (We're going with Exp. Circ., for two reasons: it's free, and Ulterior are playing.)

Finally, on a minor note, the long-anticipated appearance by The Horrors on The Mighty Boosh took place tonight. It was a good episode, although however multi-talented Faris Badwan may be, acting doesn't seem to be one of his fortes.

More from The New Thing soon...

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chrisError said...

I always seem to give you bad news in my comments. Paul, the vocalist of Ulterior now can't make the gig so it will only be DJ sets. But it's still free and going to be a great party and not finish until some thoroughly un-godly hour of the morning

chris error x