Thursday, December 13

GOOD NEWS {ulterior};;BAD NEWS {boys of brazil}

So, on the one hand, Ulterior have announced their debut release: the 12" single 'Weapons', due out this month on DiscError recordings (DER 002), and backed with various remixes of the same song - keep reading for an exact release date as soon as we find out. On the other hand, Boys of Brazil have announced that they are 'on hiatus', presumably due to their continuing inability to find a replacement for recently-departed vocalist Patrick.

One thumb up, one massive thumb down. We'll see how it goes.


chrisError said...

and one mistake :)

the Ulterior record is a 12 inch.

ChrisError xx

James M. said...

duly noted and corrected... ta. i was wondering how you were going to fit all those remixes onto a 7"...