Tuesday, November 3

Return of T N P S

Almost two years after they crashed their debut album Beat Pyramid into our ears and disappeared into the studio to play with brass instruments and prepared pianos, mystical sound engineers These New Puritans return on 18th January with their follow-up, entitled Hidden. The week before will see the release of the seven-minute single 'We Want War' on 10" vinyl; the 25th January is the date of TNPS's first London show in over a year, at Bush Hall. We're glad to see the return of the one of the most intriguing bands to hit the country in the last few years, and curious to hear the album, even based solely on the tracklisting:

'Time Xone'
'We Want War'
'Three Thousand'
'Attack Music'
'Drum Courts–Where Corals Lie'
'White Chords'

More when it happens.


A happy subscriber to your blog :) said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I've added an event in my cal, but maybe you'll have a post when it's released. Keep on posting :)

Anonymous said...

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