Friday, October 23

demontré : BRANDENBURG


An interesting one, this: we touch down in Brandenburg to the sound of a guitar swooning in middle-distance, and are greeted by a feyly sung/spoken verse before being smacked unexpectedly across the face by its big brother, a spiky post-punk chorus. It's an interesting contrast, which works in an Interpolesque kind of way. The rhythm section is politely inobtrusive, mostly propping up the guitar - which is fine, because the guitar makes some really wonderful shoegazing noises, but frustratingly there really isn't anything (either on 'Brandenburg' or its b-side 'Act.III Scene.V') that sticks in your ear when the music's over. It's difficult not to appreciate the merits of this track, but it's more difficult still to remember anything about it ten minutes later, which is a shame because this is clearly a group with potential and an excellent ear for sound. Now they just need to write a song that'll hold it all together.

'Brandenburg' b/w 'Act.III Scene.V (Days of Yore)' is released on 26th October as a digital download and as a limited edition 7" on 9th November. Watch the promo video here.

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