Thursday, April 30

TNT005 broadcast now available.

You can now hear the latest in our series of aural broadcasts, TNT005. It features new sounds from KASMs, The Horrors, S.C.U.M, Hatcham Social, Advert, Wild Palms, and The Big Pink, as well as a fairly eclectic mixture of older material. Listen here or download for your convenience. Many thanks.

KASMs / male bonding
Big Black / l dopa
Advert / white wedding
The Big Pink / velvet
Etienne Daho / paris le flore
Kitchens of Distinction / quick as rainbows
Hatcham Social / sidewalk
The Horrors / who can say
The Lines / nerve pylon
Artery / afterwards
The Cravats / x.m.p.
Wild Palms / over time
S.C.U.M / summon the sound
The Wild Swans / the revolutionary spirit
The Telescopes / there is no floor


Patricia said...

this is brilliant!

vodka ed said...

thanks for the podcast! never heard of wild palms or the big pink before. nice!