Monday, March 16


Alright, here we go. The new Horrors single is called 'Sea Within A Sea', it's eight minutes long, and it's bloody good. Download it for free from by clicking on the band's name and pressing 'go' at the top of the screen. The video (also on the website) is a live performance with psychedelic projections filmed with The Jesus and Mary Chain's Douglas Hart (video artist for My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, etc.).
The Horrors will also be touring the UK and USA in May and June - again, dates are on their website. Finally, they are booked to play on 23rd March at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green - exactly a year after their last live appearance, and already sold out by the look of things.
The new album, 'Primary Colours', is out on May 4th.

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Chloé WCB said...

I love it already. Thanks for the link. I'll wait til midnight.