Sunday, January 11

Ulterior - album preparation & new demos.

As a taster of their debut album, currently being demoed with producer Zlaya Hadzich, Ulterior have uploaded two new tracks to their MySpace - and there's some evidence of a changing sound. The first, 'Sister Speed', is an all-out stadium rock number, full of Primal Scream swagger and lines like 'I gave my life to rock and roll' - the Suicide synths have been cast aside and Ulterior are now engaging with full-on guitar onslaught. 'Weapons' is a new version of their debut single, and the buzzing electronics are still there, but the whole thing's taken on a more powerful tone - a new drum pattern and some nice synth innovatins make it less of an underground dance track and more the kind of song that wants to take over the world and eat your children. More tracks are promised in the next few weeks, so keep your ears plugged in for more from Ulterior.

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