Friday, May 16


Some good news concerning Neils Children reaches our ears for the first time in a while. After months of suspicious silence following the abandonment of the planned 'Pop:Aural' album, the band have confirmed that they are set to release new material over the summer and beyond.

The long-awaited singles 'Reflective/Surface'/'Exposure' (April77) and 'I'm Ill' (Waks, with newly-announced b-side 'Terror at Home') are set for release in June and July/August respectively, and, most excitingly, a new 12-track LP 'X.Enc' in September or October - possibly allowing a joint album-promotion tour with The Horrors in the autumn.

More details on release are to be announced nearer the time, but it's likely that the band's sound will have developed yet again by the time the album is released, with a darkly melodic direction promised. With N/C drummer Brandon Jacobs (whose side-project Goodnight & I Wish released debut EP 'Dreams... Wishes, and Fairy-tales' this week) promising that the new album will 'blow everything we've ever done out of the water', expectations are running high. It's up to Neils Children to fulfil them and, for the first time in their nine-year career, get a full-length album out.

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